Apply for $500 to get your event off of the ground


Each year we give away a small number of $500 micro-grants to support individuals, artists, and small organisations to run events.

We are specifically interested in events and experiences that:

  • Respond to our theme of the Nature of home
  • Influence our shared narrative around how important nature is to most South Australians and that
  • deepen our personal relationship with nature.

We encourage events with unlikely partners, in unusual locations, or with plans for memorable engagements.

Theme: Nature of home

This year the theme of our festival is 'the nature of home'. Our sense of home is formed early, but evolves over a lifetime. We are all made of a patchwork of memory and unconscious connections to place: scraps of colour like muted greens, soft yellows and fiery reds, or a clamour of sounds from the almighty screech of a cockatoo to a cacophony of cicadas.

This year we invite events, experiences, and encounters with the nature of home. This might be the landscapes we carry, the relationships we build or the memories we hold of nature and place. They might revolve around food, art, adventure, music, or culture. They might be about large, metaphorical homes, or the simple beauty of a pot plant and own back gardens.

Past events

In past years we have funded a 'seed dating' event, an ephemeral art workshop, a future of food event, a nature poetry slam, a bushtucker storytelling event about the lost Warki people, a dance workshop, a limestone carving workshop for kids, an instagram tree-pose and tree-planting campaign and more.

Projects that are new or existing projects intending to expand will be considered.

Key dates

Applications open 5 June
Applications close 5 July (11.59pm)
Successful groups notified 15 July
Events must run during the Festival: 1-15 Oct

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