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The Nature Festival is a 10 day program of activities and experiences all dedicated to celebrating South Australian nature in positive, creative, and meaningful ways.

The festival features a diverse program of free and ticketed activities provided by local artists, environmental organisations, and nature connection practitioners.

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We're an open access festival

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We’re particularly interested in authentic, diverse, and unusual ways of connecting to nature, so we’re looking for many kinds of event hosts including local artists, environmental orgs, nature connection practitioners, musicians, nature tourism operators, health and wellness practitioners, wineries, GP clinics, or local businesses.

We are looking for all sorts of creative, participatory, emotional, and remarkable experiences. They might involve the latest technology from VR to AI or they might encourage people to put their devices away and focus on direct experience.

We are specifically interested in events and experiences that influence our shared narrative around how important nature is to most South Australians and that deepen our personal relationship with nature.

Last year we had events ranging from free to $130 per ticket and 33% of events sold-out. It's free to register an event in the festival and you keep all of your proceeds.

Event registrations closed Sept 22nd. Please sign up to the mailing list to hear about next year.

You'll be in good company.

Over 130 artists and organisations ran more than 280 events last year. Hosts included:

"The wide range of celebrations the Festival supports are both personal and multidimensional. The Festival is a wonderful expression of the real fun in 'the call of the wild' even in our own backyard.”
Chris Daniels
Chair, Green Adelaide


Be a core part of making the festival happen


We're looking for all sorts of volunteers this year, including:

  • Info booth: We need greeters to man the central festival info hub during the Festival, helping festival goers learn more about the Nature Festival and find events.
  • Event support: we need a few extra hands on deck for some of our core events like the welcome and smoking ceremony.
  • Host tech support: help hosts navigate Eventbrite and the booking system. Slightly more complicated than 'turn it off and turn it back on again,' but not much.
  • Marketing and promotion: Help us get the word out through community newsletters, street team handouts, creative guerrilla marketing, and more.
  • Choose your own adventure: have another way you want to contribute to the Festival? We're open to ideas!

Why volunteer with us?

Volunteering with the Nature Festival is a great way to:

  • Give back to nature in a unique way: planting trees isn't the only way to help out. We also need to move people's hearts and minds. Get involved and help us do that.
  • Meet some lovely people with similar values: Goodness there are a lot of great people of all ages and backgrounds who care about nature. We guarantee you'll meet some good eggs.
  • Be part of bringing a new endeavour to life: early days in a new startup like the Nature Festival is always a fun time to be around. We're building this plane as we fly it. Come join us!
  • Get a nifty t-shirt: who doesn't love some great swag?

Closed for 2022

Please note applications have closed for 2022.

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Partner with us

“The Nature Festival itself is not just doing the same old ‘green and trees’… they’re really helping us engage in different ways. Whether that’s a ride through the park or connecting with First Peoples or just games—it's great!"
Kieron H
2020 participant
Partner with us

Nature is good for you, great for your brand

Over 90% of South Australians get out into our parks and beaches every year. More than 70% are happy to pay more for environmentally friendly products. 94% think conserving nature is of critical importance.

Whether you are an outdoor tourism operator, an eco-friendly cafe, local government area, a winery that cares about the land, or a renewable energy power company, love of nature is a strong and powerful differentiator that aligns with the values of the great majority of South Australians. The Nature Festival is a great way to demonstrate and enact your values as an organisation.

From sponsoring artists and events to innovative installations, we have a host of ways to activate sponsorships and engage your staff and your community.

Partnership enquiry
for 2023

Venues and promotion

Opportunities for in-kind help


Do you regularly communicate with an audience that you think would be interested in knowing about the festival? 

You might have an organisational or community newsletter or a social media page or group. Get in touch and we'll send you 2-3 Nature Festival updates to share with your community.


Do you have an indoor or outdoor space that you can offer in-kind? 

We often get hosts looking for free venues for workshops, gatherings, and art activities. Get in touch to let us know.

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