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The Nature Festival is a 10 day program of activities and experiences all dedicated to celebrating South Australian nature in positive, creative, and meaningful ways.

The festival features a diverse program of free and ticketed activities provided by local artists, environmental organisations, and nature connection practitioners. It's an 'open access' festival, so anyone can apply to run an event.

We want you!

We’re particularly interested in unusual ways of connecting to nature, so we’re looking for many kinds of event hosts including local artists, environmental orgs, nature connection practitioners, musicians, nature tourism operators, health and wellness practitioners, wineries, GP clinics, or local businesses.

We are looking for all sorts of creative, participatory, emotional, and remarkable experiences. They might be events, workshops, or art projects. They might involve the latest technology from VR to AI or they might encourage people to put their devices away and focus on direct experience.

This year, we are specifically interested in events and experiences that influence our shared narrative around how important nature is to most South Australians and that deepen our personal relationship with nature.

The festival runs from Sept 25th to Oct 4th.

Event registrations are open until Sept 21st.

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