Amber Cronin

Arts Program Curator

Amber Cronin is an Australian cross-disciplinary artist whose work spans sculpture, drawing, installation, performance and social interventions. Cronin’s visual arts research is rooted in performative and sculptural gestures that engage the audience through the connection of memory, time and space. Everyday actions such as weaving, sewing or sleeping are transformed into meditative sites of ritual activity.

As founding co-director of The Mill (providing arts programming adjacent to a community of studio spaces), Amber has been focused on creating a space for dialogue between visual arts and performance/dance. Her involvement with The Mill exemplifies her interest in audience driven works and she approaches making as an independent artist through the structure of contemporary performance production.

Amber is a passionate advocate for the arts. Her socially engaged practice leads her to work within communities. She has an ongoing relationship working with international artists, particularly in Indonesia. Amber is a qualified yoga teacher and this informs her love of facilitation, physical awareness and self-inquiry.